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Sometimes the usual entertainment with family and friends gets old. It might feel like you need an escape.  Calgary escape room experiences are a fun alternative for your friends and you to try something totally unique.

The idea is simple. Your group is trapped and survival is on the line - you need to solve the cryptic clues in time before being overrun.

Are your friends ready to survive an apocalyptic breakdown - or are you going to be brought into the zombie horde? Don't you think it's about time you found out?

Or maybe your family needs a new exciting adventure together. Our Calgary escape room is also great for family fun in Calgary!

With 3 Great Rooms to Choose From...

Arcadia Adventures – Escape Room Calgary

Arcadia Adventures – Escape Room Calgary

Fun for players of all ages and a great place to start your escape room journey! This Victorian themed heist has you breaking into a museum to steal a priceless artifact. This adventure is great for families, friends, and co-workers and will probably be…

The Most Talked About Event of the Year!

Price: $25 per player
Recommended: 4 to 6 Players
40% Success Rate

All Time Room Leader

Arcadia Adventures – Escape Room Calgary

Team: Team G.O.A.T.
Time to Beat: 23:00 Minutes

Arcadia Adventures – Escape Room Calgary

Arcadia Adventures – Escape Room Calgary

This split room, team vs team adventure pits a group of desperate researchers vs a horde of hungry zombies! Face off against your friends in Calgary's only PvP escape room! This race to the finish will have your adrenaline pumping and is the best way to...

Show Your Friends Who's Boss!

Price: $25 per player
Recommended: 6 to 10 Players
25% Success Rate

All Time Room Leader

Team: FMC Heavy Breathers
Time to Beat: 29:41 Minutes

Surrounded by companions, you awake to the voice of a raven welcoming you to a mysterious dungeon. Can you break free of the magic that holds you before time runs out? Inspired by fairy tales of old, this escape room is great for kids and adults alike and promises to be...

A Most Enchanting Experience!

Price: $25 per player
Recommended: 4 to 6 Players
30% Success Rate 

All Time Room Leader

Arcadia Adventures – Escape Room Calgary

Team: This Could Be You!
Time to Beat: XX:XX Minutes

People Who Play Together, Stay Together

Who should participate and why...

Locked Room Fun for Everyone • Calgary Escape Room Adventures • Indoor Activities • Family Fun

Arcadia Adventures is a Calgary locked room experience that delivers great fun for everyone!
We provide immersive, interactive puzzle solving adventures that challenge & entertain the detective in us all.

We provide outstanding escape rooms for:

  • Groups of friends
  • Family fun for kids of all ages (younger kids need supervision)
  • Birthday parties
  • Date night/double date night
  • Team building activities
  • Teen & tween parties
  • Holiday parties
  • Stag/stagettes
  • Scavenger hunt activities
  • Any get together where you want things to do that escape the norm for something truly unique and memorable

Families: Kids aged 12 to 120
Friends: Neighbourhood, Facebook, Linkedin, Meetup, etc.
Associations: Scouts, Guides, Rotary, Kinsmen, Lions, etc.

  • Getting together releases endorphins that cause you to live longer!
  • Improves relationships
  • Helps breakdown social barriers
  • Stimulates critical thinking
  • Develops creative problem solving abilities

Teams: Hockey, Football, Soccer, etc.
Corporate: Sales, Engineering, etc.
Non-Profit: Volunteers, Fundraisers, etc.

  • Improves communication and morale
  • Helps identify: natural leaders; high performers; team players and people with too much ego
  • Improves cooperation when back to real life
  • Develops trust for a healthier work environment and enhanced productivity

But best of all... Because it's the most fun you'll have this year. Book now!

Book one of our locked escape rooms for your next fun-filled activity. With a number of awesome escape rooms to choose from (and more on the way), we have something for even the most seasoned solver – at prices anyone can afford. Our rooms are masterfully planned and expertly prepared, ensuring that you and your group have the kind of locked room experience that everyone will be talking about for years to come.

Located directly across from Chinook Centre in SW Calgary. We are close to many restaurants and the Chinook LRT station. If you're looking for a Calgary escape room with remarkable reviews, amazing adventures, and awesome availability then come check us out – you'll be happy you did!

Book Now or Call: (587) 365-0440

Escape Room Calgary Reviews


"My group tried 'A Golden Acquisition'. Beautifully decorated room, with fun, challenging puzzles. Friendly staff too. Go try it out!"

- Julie S.

"We did 'Survival at Z-hour', what a great time! The room was themed very well, the puzzles had the right amount of difficulty and the player vs. player aspect made it that much more fun. Friendly staff and a nice facility, can't wait to come back!"

- Jack C.

"About time there's a new escape room in Calgary!! PvP is the best way to show your friends who's boss!"

- Angel L.


Arcadia Adventures – Escape Room Calgary

Arcadia Adventures – Escape Room Calgary

Arcadia Adventures – Escape Room Calgary


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6012 3rd Street SW

Calgary, Alberta

Arcadia Adventures – Escape Room CalgaryHours of Operation
Wed, Thurs, Sun: 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Fri, Sat: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM

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Located across from Chinook Centre, Arcadia Adventures is Calgary's most exciting escape room experience! With rooms that can be enjoyed by beginners and experienced players alike, we innovate the standard escape room formula with custom made, unique escape adventures you won't find anywhere else. If you're looking for a fun experience with family, friends and co-workers, have an adventure at Arcadia Adventures!

Arcadia Adventures – Escape Room Calgary