Escape Rooms are Perfect for Team Building Activities!

Looking for team building exercises that bring your group together in a fun environment, where cooperation and collaboration are the name of the game? Then you’ve come to the right place – the reviews are in, and we are very good at team building games!

Team Building Activities for Every Type of Group

Corporate staff, sports groups, classmates, and just about every other type of collaboration-focused organization – we have a locked escape room experience for every size & shape of team.

Escape rooms aren’t just about fun times solving awesome puzzles, they’re also about collaboration and trust.

4 Big Reasons to Choose an Escape Room :

1. Teams That Play Together, Stay Together:
There’s nothing like escaping a locked room puzzle to get people coordinated, motivated, and goal-focused! Setting goals and action planning encourages the group cohesion by setting out clear objectives, for both the individual and the team, in a safe & fun environment. Heck, you might even see some group bonding happen!

2. Who’s on 1st and What’s on 2nd:
Natural role clarification promotes the teams’ understanding of everyone’s respective roles and responsibilities. Playing escape room games can identify natural leaders, high performers, team players, and those who just might be the “weakest links”.

3. Team Work Makes the Dream Work:
Your team needs to work together to escape our locked room puzzles. Whether you’re on a corporate team, sports team, political team, or any other type of team, escape room adventures offer real challenges that require collaborative problem solving and critical thinking that will help bring your team together.

4. Feel Good and Be Happy:
• Enhance social relations between players
• Root out interpersonal problems
• Improve communication and group morale
• Translate this enhanced team dynamic to the “real” world
• Develop mutual trust for a healthier team environment and better productivity

Experience tells us that teams with 10 or more members benefit the most from team building exercises. This is thanks to the greater pool of collaborative mental resources than teams with fewer members typically have.

Corporate Team Building

• Team building for corporations is one of the most common approaches to enhancing performance, and having fun is one of the most important considerations in team building!

• But at the end of the day, the real intent is for your team to be more productive, focused, and coordinated.

• Team building activities that engage employees in a learning environment allow teams to create solutions that are meaningful to them. This has a direct impact on the individuals, the team, and the organization as a whole.

• The best team building initiatives are ones that allow team members to collaborate toward a common goal, and problem solving to successfully complete and escape room does just that!

Make a Corporate/Mass Booking

Arcadia Adventures offers corporate/mass booking rates for large groups of players. If you are looking to book with 12 or more players, take advantage of our corporate/mass booking rates of $20 per person.

To make a corporate/mass booking inquiry, please fill out the form below. It is suggested to contact us at least 2 weeks in advance of your desired booking time. Please note we cannot guarantee the requested time slot until the booking deposit has been placed.

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