Family Friendly Escape Room Tactics

August 21, 2018

The tricky thing about finding fun activities the whole family can enjoy is that the difference in ages, life experiences, and definitions of what’s “cool” make for very different tastes! What a 10 year old enjoys will usually be pretty different to what a 17 year old likes, and that will be different from what … Read More

Escape Room Secrets: Puzzle Types & Tips

July 25, 2018

If you’ve ever participated in an escape room adventure, you probably have an idea of the attention to detail and planning that goes into designing a quality locked room experience! Creating a (good) escape room puzzle is an art and a science. And while no two escape rooms will be the exact same, there is … Read More

Hints for Stepping Up Your Game

June 8, 2018

(Estimated reading time: ~3 minutes) In our last blog post, we offered some great tips & tricks to help new escape room adventurers (and those who might be a bit rusty) make their next experience a great escape. In this post, we’re offering some helpful hints for the more “seasoned” escape room artists – those … Read More

7 Great Tips for New Escape Room Adventurers

May 15, 2018

(Estimated reading time: ~4 minutes) Top Tips for First Time Escape (Room) Artists Here at Arcadia Adventures, we get a lot of people who have never experienced an escape room adventure before. We absolutely love these folks! Not only do they give us a chance to create new escape room fans; they also let us … Read More